About Us

Honey Marketing is service solution marketing company based on Gobichettipalayam. We provide banking and software development related services like: gold loan, personal loan, NRI related services and best quality software solutions along with web design, web programming, web hosting and testing.

We Provide advertising services also, Whether it is indoor advertising or outdoor advertising, understanding the need of the customers, a wide array of advertising services are being offered.

We have No.1 Local Search directory in gobichettipalayam @ http://gobichettopalayam.in

The word ‘impossible’ does not exist in our dictionary. All marketing business requirements can be met; the key is to understand and define the requirements effectively and to translate them into technological terms to ensure seamless communication between Business and Technology.

We do not believe in the traditional business-client relationship, but tend to think of our relationships more like partnerships. As with any partnership, both parties have a vested interest and risk in the relationship: from the client’s perspective it is to ensure that the company has effective marketing channel; from our perspective it is to ensure that we have a long-term relationship with the client.

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